ANTOTEC ULTIMATE GLOBAL SERVICES LTD is an indigenous private corporation licensed to operate as an oil and gas/petroleum inspection firm.


With our headquarters located in Ikeja, Lagos state, we are committed to making significant impact in the most populous black nation, Nigeria.

We are committed to adhering to a policy of quality, safety, and continuous improvement, offering you a flexible range of services. We coordinate projects, General merchants, trading and procurement with the purpose of bringing customers’ satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to balance value and cost while ensuring stability, outstanding customer experiences, and a lasting mutually beneficial partnership.

our mission antotec ultimate

Our Vision

By continually exceeding customers’ expectations in all of our offerings, we seek to build a sustainable business.


The professionals we hire at Antotec Ultimate Global Services Limited combine the right skills and talents, including leadership, flexibility, team-based attitudes, versatility, and skills. Our competitive advantage and the secret to our success in an increasingly competitive market is our constant and continuous knowledge improvement through ongoing training programs.

Integrity, dedication to excellence, professionalism, and individualized care are values we uphold as a cooperate entity.